I had a bit of free time last night, so I spent a while bouncing up and down the Hype Machine Top 50, looking for some new music.  Seeing Copenhagen 3-piece CHINAH in the 36th position rang a bell, as I’d featured them on my best of July playlist, but also there was an e-mail in my inbox about the track “Minds”.

The song was partially inspired by a Rhianna song and was first thought about as a song in the fall of 2014, with the vision of capturing that moment when you vividly feel something even though you’ve come to terms with it. Lyrically and melodically, it tackles frustration and desire as emotions. Like with their previous singles, “Minds” was written in the bands’ small apartment bedrooms in Copenhagen.

“Minds” (along with “Away From Me” and “We Go Back”) are all set to be part of the band’s eagerly anticipated debut EP available to buy via label No.3 in January.