LISTEN: “Magnetism” by Vacationer

Philadelphia-based band Vacationer have revealed their new single “Magnetism.” The single is Vacationer’s first new release since their acclaimed sophomore album Relief.

About the song, Vacationer’s Ken Vasoli’s says:

Magnetism” was fun to write and came together fairly quickly. It’s intimate subject matter, trying to describe the connection I share with my loved one. I wanted to keep it lighthearted. The title comes from an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story that my girlfriend had mentioned early in our relationship. I like the word and it’s an accurate representation of this feeling we experience. Sonically, I wanted the track to bounce like a 60’s uptempo soul groove; like my warped interpretation of “The Loco-Motion” instrumental. This song gave me a lot of rejuvenation to finish the record. It sparked a new approach for my music-making and marks a point when I started enjoying the process much more.”