Mayer Hawthorne

Here’s to getting through those busy times, as since Tiff finished (on friday for me), my schedule has opened up quite a bit. I’m still really behind on work, but I’m getting this sense that I can catch up. Today, I went through my inbox, and guess what? Some amazing songs in there as well as some pretty bad ones, the latter which I won’t be passing along.

I’m currently sitting in what I’ve been calling the ‘reading nook’ in my Arild (ikea name), the computer rested on the bottom side of my underused snowboard, stretching from sofa arm to arm. Kind of like a tv table.

And listening to the Mayer.

Other than a couple links to videos, we haven’t really had a chance to hype Detroit’s newest purveyor of the rich soul of Motown (aka Mayer Hawthorne). Wearing all hats as the singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist of the music, Mayer’s channeling the sounds of Smokey Robinson and Curtis Mayfield with a present day tinge. This 29 year old not only surprised currently label Stones Throw with how classic he could sound, but many young and old are reacting with great praise. His debut LP ‘A Strange Arrangement’ acts as an ‘infectious update of Motown-era soul‘ and is available everywhere now.

Take a listen to the futuristic summer bbq slow jam remix of ‘Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out‘ by by Astronote. The original can be heard in the video below.

Also, He’s bringing the show to Toronto on Sept. 27th at the Drake. He also does a solid cover of Mr. Blue Sky.