Polaris Prize 2009: Who will win?

I really have no idea what will happen. With just over 32 hours until the announcement is made at the Gala (the Concert Hall inside the legendary Masonic Temple in Toronto), I’m sitting here trying to narrow it down to one record, from such a solid short list of Canadian albums. I won’t be able to make the party, but I’ll probably be listening to Sirius channel 86 or radio3 and/or seeing it live on Much Music. What’s great about this year is all 10 nominees will be performing.

One thing I love about the awards is the poster art. Every year, poster designers create special, limited edition Polaris nomination screen printed posters for the event, all of which are shown online. Last year, Caribou won and had the best looking poster, in my opinion (notice the shape of the green background. yup, that’s manitoba, or Caribou’s former moniker). Maybe the best looking posters might indicate who will win this year? In that case, I’ve got it narrowed down to Chad VanGaalen, Hey Rosetta! and Joel Plaskett.