Reverse & Ready

I’ve been enjoying catching up here on email and spending some time listening to the newest digital EP from Peirson Ross called Reverse & Ready (Sept 29th, iTunes). I’m guessing the album name comes from a Lifeguarding technique I remember learning when I was training to become a Lifeguard back in highshool. Its a way of approaching a drowning swimmer in the water, foot first. That way, you can use your foot to push a flotation device to the person drowning, or using your foot as a way of protecting yourself from the swimmer if they panic and try to pull you under the water. Helping someone while keeping yourself safe in case they turn on you.

The six song EP haunts with soulful harmonies and guitar picking backed by deep strings and cellos. And for anyone who saw the movie Away We Go and fell in love with Alexi Murdoch‘s voice from that film, you’re probably going to love Peirson’s similar delivery. Try out Mend. Catch him live in TO and NY below.

October 29, 7pm
New York, NY – Arlene’s Grocery

December 1, 8:30pm
Toronto, ON – Hugh’s Room
Reverse & Ready Album Release Show