New From Lincoln Jesser, “Tops”

Lincoln Jesser and I have a good little thing going on right now.  He sends me an e-mail with a new track, I get hooked on it, then post it to IMF.  This time though, I asked him for more info about him, as when I checked my previous posts on the site I found only great songs from an artist I knew very little about.

Lincoln Jesser is a 23 year-old from Indio (home of Coachella) who writes, produces and sings everything on these songs himself.  He also works as a producer and guitarist for renowned Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna, who he collaborated with to create a remake of George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun”, that landed as the closing song of Oliver Stone’s film “Savages” last year.

We’re to expect a lot of live shows and new music in 2014.