That Time Of Year

Its coming up to that time of year, where us bloggers try to look back on the year and compile those “best of” lists.  I have the most fun with making the best songs list.  I dive back into the blog, searching for those songs I posted all year and the ones that made my monthly playlists.  And of course, the ones I might have missed, or that fell through the cracks.

One track that will definitely be on my list is Wild Cub‘s “Thunder Clatter”, which now has a lyric video (featuring the photography of Margaret Durow).  The band have just announced a Jan/Feb headlining tour, you can check those dates here.

Edit: Apparently, I’m not good at checking dates, as I first featured this song in late 2012.   Even though I listened to it quite a bit in 2013, I’ve gotta stick to my rules here in making the best of 2013 new songs.