New Music From Austin Basham, “All Is Well”

Sometimes, I can hear the first 10 seconds of a song and instantly know it’s going to end up on Indie Music Filter.

Here’s another tune from Austin, TX songwriter Austin Basham called “All Is Well”, the second single off his upcoming release of  his debut EP titled ‘Hollow Head / Hollow Heart’ this fall.   As I continue to listen to his songs over and over again, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve got in on the ground floor on something truly great, by featuring his music for you.  I wish I would feel that way every time I put together a post, but the reality is that these songs (and artists) are a little trickier to find; those gems that keep me going, that I strive to find as much as possible.

In case you missed the first song we featured, here’s “Running“.