New Single: Filligar “Photos Of Madrid”

Thirteen years on and five albums later, the Chicago collective Filligar are still making the music they want to make, despite not getting nearly enough worldwide buzz that they so deserve. They’re now developing and they’re now growing. Within seconds of their new single “Photos of Madrid”, it’s loudly noticeable. They’re straying and swaying away from their usual style absolutely perfectly, by still offering their enjoyable ‘plea’ whilst injecting a balancing dose of melancholy. With the keys setting the pace of the song, it forces forward through looping verses that allow for lyricist and vocalist Jonny Mathias to harmonize smoothly and sentimentally. This one is worth talking about, listening to and sharing, for perhaps, this is the start of a new direction they’re heading down. If so, we’re with them all the way.

On the B-side is their first remix by Kent Rockafeller.. yes, you’ve been good so your ears get to basque in both sides today.