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Making their debut today via Noon Pacific, Nightseason reveal their first single, “Nothing Calms My Mind”. An infectious blast widescale of left-pop, the track serves as a welcome introduction to a band who look set to make a strong impression.

Nightseason wrote their debut EP over emails without ever meeting in person. Surfing through Spotify, drummer-turned-producer Patrick Zeinali had a vision of the voice he wanted for his new project. The howling, raw vocals of Jordan Caiola from indie rock band Mo Lowda & the Humble struck a fine chord. The two found common ground over recent rough break ups, and had the desire to put their feelings out there while turning alt rock on its head.

Caiola and Zeinali’s debut 5-track EP, to be released later in 2018, brings their rock and hip hop backgrounds to the modern age of cross-genre music. Fitting in a groove between Sir Sly and Alt-J, the duo are crafting inventive, outside-of-the-box pop and look set to drip release tracks from their EP over the next months. In the meantime, keep “Nothing Calms My Mind” in rotation”.