On The Nights You Stay Home

Let’s start the weekend with a sneak peek of the upcoming album from Donovan Woods, the new single “On The Nights You Stay Home”. “This one is obviously about a bad relationship, maybe even a bad person,” says Woods. “To me, it’s to do with the terrifying number of modern-day opportunities to be jealous. There are so many different ways to be adored or ignored on our phones. It’s easy to follow someone’s every move and obsess over it, looking for some nuanced meaning. Staying home must feel really awful now. I was trying to make a song about dreadful, ruinous jealousy that might make you dance a bit.”

I’ve been feeling this sentiment a lot lately, watching the Blue Jays games and seeing instagram posts from just about everyone I know in Skydome watching these games live.  I try not to get jealous and remember that I’m not paying $12 for a pint.  Living in the here, now, and off my phone for tonight.