One Song Covered, In Three Ways

Was it the lure of their band name hitting some sort of chord, seeing as though I live in South Africa? Monkey Safari, who are neither Monkey’s, nor on a Safari are actually the German muso-duo of brothers, from a town called Halle. According to the original post on Pitchfork, Larry Fitzmaurice explains how the original “Coming Down” used sampling material sourced from Justin Vernon’s cover of Anaïs Mitchell’s “Coming Down” featured on one of the best radio stations in the world; Triple J.

Naturally, I was completely intrigued, so after a few clicks worthy of a successful ‘dig-around’ I’ve decided to let you listen to it, three times over.  The new edit of theirs, Justin Vernon’s cover and her original. It’s quite a little journey you’re going to take with just one song, and it goes to show how powerful songwriting can potentially be.  I’d love to know which one you enjoyed the most!  Let’s put these triplets against eachother, shall we?