Original Recipe

I saw a guy last night in St. Clair station puke right into one of those new recycling stations set up in subways. Of his three potential options (glass/plastic, newspaper, and litter), he soaked the newspaper container with the darkest brown liquid vomit I’ve ever seen.

We’ll not since Kansas in ’72, but that was a different time, different place…

oh no, I opened this post with a puke story, and I said I wouldn’t do that…. often.


Original Recipe is the collaborate effort of Dean Williams and Steve Mason, from San Fran to Toronto, spanning 2004-2006. Together they scour crates of old records, finding interesting sounding and unique samples as ingredients. They take these ingredients and bake really tasty musical appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Every track on this site has its own definable set of hooks that draw you in. Normally, if you find hooks in your food, you send them back. In this case, I’d hold on to the record.

You can stream the record from the website here. I like tracks 1 and 9, ‘Painted Ladies’ and ‘Big Tesuque’.

Album Cover