LISTEN: “Don’t Give Up On Me” (Betablock3r Remix) by Satchmode

I feel like I’m finally coming out of the darkness, having spent the majority of this week with a nasty cold. When you head is full of mush and you feel like crap, its tough getting stuff done, especially just to hop on the site and post some new music.

In my better-late-than-never category, check out this Betablock3r remix of Satchmode‘s tune “Don’t Give Up On Me”. It’s perfect to get you moving, or in my case, to lift me out of this rut. Betablock3r had this to say about the making the remix:

“It’s been a while since we’ve released a remix because we’ve been primarily focused on finishing our album. But we had the opportunity to remix something for our good friends in Satchmode, and it gave us the chance to take a slightly different approach than our typical nu disco fare. We ended up with this darker, heavier interpretation of the more upbeat original that everyone was really happy with. It was a ton of fun experimenting with our sounds and doing a bit of genre bending on this one, so we’re excited for everyone to hear it.”

Compare to the original below.