Shaking Through: Faces On Film

faces on film
(from Shaking Through)

As curator for this month’s episode of Shaking Through, Marissa Nadler chose Mike Fiore (a.k.a. Faces on Film) to join her in Philadelphia to record a brand new song and have the process filmed by the area’s best filmmakers. The result is a new, album-quality Faces on Film song featuring backing vocals by Marissa—and documentary-style videos revealing the process and personalities behind the music.

Shaking Through: Faces on Film from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

If you’re not familiar with Shaking Through, its a documentary series about bringing a song to life. Each year they give 10 of the most exciting young minds in music a challenge:

One Song in two days.  From first take to final mix.  No extensions. No Safety Net.

They want to tell you about the stories behind the songs, the techniques they used to produce it, and help us witness the sacred places where artists bare their souls. Every song, every take.