Stereo by Shortwave

Who : Shortwave from a town called Malice in Toronto.

What : We’re convinced that this song reminds us of something. When I say we, I mean the temporary return of webmachine and ex-office mate Ian Krykorka. He’s been dealing with a pesky mailing list all day, eating leftover stocking candy from my desk and reminding me he owes me a hot dog. He also got an e-mail from Shortwave today. They’re a Toronto band falling into the cateogory of always heard of, never heard. They’ve recently recorded a self-titled EP in NY with Grammy Award winning producer, Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Iggy Pop ). Check them out live this saturday night at the Horseshoe, set time at 11:30. More info on their myspace .

Song : Stereo . Ian and I agree on a nice sparseness to this song and thats why it works. It doesn’t over complicate.