For my first post for the Indie Music Filter, it is only fitting that I bring to your esteemed attention a band just getting out of the gates, with an interesting debut of their own. A.Human, a trio from London, bring a fresh dose of psychedelic melodies to grungy electro beats, resulting in a very balanced crossover sound. They also have one of the most amusing bios I have read in a while, making reference to their shared disdain for serving food and drink to suited no brains as a motivator for making music together. (At least they found an original way to describe what seems a clich袠starting point for most rock outfits, waiting tables.)

It is not surprising Third Hand Prophecy is being put out by the folks at Wall Of Sound, a label packed with dance producers with an indie-rock edge. Fast becoming one of my favourite labels for spinable tracks due to their consistent release of epic electro that keeps the distortion and dirt in the low end as much as possible, A. Human caught my attention right away with their lead single Black Moon. Aggressive, cryptic lyrics take us into lives of two individuals bent on capturing fame and fortune. Check out the awesome reference to Jean-Claude Van Damme near the end of the song. Very Chuck Norris-esque.


Hot Sushi

Video for Black Moon