The French Kicks

‘One More Time’ was the first some I heard from The French Kicks.

Like the Walkmen (who the band shared a label with and toured together), this band originally came from from Washington, D.C. but really started their sound in New York. Everywhere I look on the web, everyone used the same line to describe them “post-punk aggression and mod melodies and harmonies”. I would say take the Strokes, slow them down a bit, and warm their guitar sound. Then add romantic vocals.

Great live band as well. On two occasions I witnessed lead singer Nick Stumpf command a room with confidence. Like the crowd wasn’t even there.

I’m a big fan of the song ‘Only So Long‘ which is on their myspace page. Diggin deeper? Head to the video section of their website, check out this great slo-mo video for ‘The Trial of the Century’.

Yeah, you come to mind…

French Kicks