Tina Come Get Some Ham!! and the Juan Maclean

Many thanks to whoever put together this page.

I’ve tried clicking on all the phrases from Napoleon Dynamite, but I find myself stuck on ‘Tina come get some ham’…

Went to see a band called the Juan Maclean on Monday night. It was one of two things that got me to listen to this band. Either their crazy and hypnotic album cover or the fact that they’ve consistent stayed on the Canadian campus radio charts for the better half of last year.

What do they sound like? Live-electro-house-dance-beats with vocoders. Some songs reminded me of the songs which I remember from the Revenge of the Nerds soundtrack. Also, I really like to see people playing an instrument called the theremin.

Check out the track ‘Tito’s Way‘ on the myspace page.

Strongest track I think is ‘Give Me Every Little Thing’, find it on their homepage under ‘Video’.

The Juan Maclean