“Trust” Your Fans

All l did last month was to tell you to “Put This On“, the track “Trust” from Generationals. Something great happened and this track became hot. Climbing to the top 3 of hypemachines popular list, the song got a lot of milage (including over 1500 streams there from my post). Maybe it was in describing the track as a “perfect mix betweenPhoenix andBishop Allen“. Who knows. I never pretend to know how all this stuff works, I’m just looking for good songs.

It seems as if Generationals are getting help from their fans. Recently Meghan Ellie Smith made her own video for the song from footage of a roadtrip with friends in the ‘upstateness of the glory-filled state of New York’, and soon after posting, the band told her they thought it was better than their original. Very cool and a good watch. Nice find Nada.