VIDEO: “Chemicals” by Parker Bossley

Take a look at this video from Parker Bossley, someone you may know from his time playing in Hot Hot Heat and The Gay Nineties.  Here’s “Chemicals”.

“‘Chemicals’ is me writing about my relationships with drugs and love. The hook was spawned in my head on the 3rd day of a festival when the drugs just literally didn’t work anymore.” – Parker Bossley

Parker Bossley splits his time between Vancouver and LA. While recording this single he was living in an RV on a bad side of LA’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. “It had holes in the roof that leaked when it rained. There were a few gunshots at night, and in my daily neighbourhood walks, I would get called out as ‘Duran Duran’ guy thanks to my flamboyant outfits. Fortunately, even LA winters are pretty dry, and it was very cheap.”