Video: “How The Ranks Was Won” by Brazos

how the ranks was won

“How The Ranks Was Won” by Brazos, the first single from their second full-length, Saltwater, out May 28, 2013 on Dead Oceans.  The video was created in a single weekend by Brazos frontman Martin Crane and some handy friends.  Crane explains, “‘How the Ranks Was Won’ is about a kid who finds the empty ship his ancestors came over on which is now a ghost ship. He boards it, and takes it back. It’s about taking charge of your memory and your past. I thought it would be funny to do that in modern life. In the video I get a text message from a memory (or maybe my cell phone is secretly trying to control me?), it consumes me, I ride the dreamworld, I come back, then the dreamworld rides me.”