Video: “No Love” by Hooray For Earth

no love

“No Love” by Hooray for Earth, from the album True Loves (out on Dovecote).

I think I was inclined to posting this video because of the girl wearing the Zebra head.  Why?  Well, I own a similar Horse head and I take every possible opportunity to find a place and time to wear it.  In fact, I put it on why walking to the ferry docks to meet my brothers and best friends for my bachelor party this past saturday.  I thought I was throwing them a curveball by showing up as a horse.

I had no idea.

I was greeted by a badger and a rabbit, then told to put on my Bear costume.  We hit the Toronto island for a BBQ and a series of drinking/challenges, followed by football, dinner, drinks (many many drinks) and a pub crawl down Queen st east in Toronto.  Did you run into us?  I met a lot of people that night, most of which I don’t remember.  But everyone likes to chat up a Bear.  Check us out below.