Watch This Video (The Darcys Takeover)

The following is the original copy I sent to Vice/Noisey regarding our “Muzzle Blast” video but they seemed more eager to poke fun at our band’s emotional side than to foster a conversation about the rapid decline of Detroit.

“Being from Toronto I could see someone might be like, who the fuck are you to make a video about Detroit? But what’s happened there – like in so many other places in the world – is an entirely manmade disaster and because of that it should be important to people everywhere. We definitely wanted to avoid making “ruin porn” with this video, but the scenes are so incredibly sad and striking it feels like they need to be examined again and again.”


This post was written by Wes Marskell of The Darcys as part of their Takeover of Indie Music Filter. Find The Darcys online or on twitter.

photo by Jenny Hueston