What did you do this weekend?

I played road hockey and pulled a bunch of muscles in my legs.

I saw 2012 and wondered why John Cusack is an action hero and why these days in disaster movies, the single father is the new hero?

Really enjoyed My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding. Running in Toronto until Dec. 13th, maybe longer.

Saw Band Of Skulls at the El Mocambo. Amazing concert. After a couple attempts at seeing them live, I finally made it and subsequently rediscovered songs like Impossible and Fires. See you on the best of ’09.

and today:

RCRD LBL has new remixes by Miike Snow (speaking of) and Au Revoir Simone. Check out the formers’ Black & Blue (Savage Skulls remix) and the latters’ Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix).

Nobody Likes Chipmunks have posted a poem about Honeybees. This is a site that I help start years back, showcasing an interesting poetic structure that I helped hash out. Each poem has five points/lines. The first line is the question. The last line is the answer. The middle area is the proof, structured with what we call a reverse compliment sandwich. Negative point, positive point, then negative point. Enjoy.

-One of the Canadian blogs tipped me to Forest City Lovers having new songs up on their myspace.

-Download a free compilation from Paper Bag Records called ‘The Seven Year Itch’. PBR is celebrating 7 years in business by having their bands do covers, including The Acorn doing Gowan‘s Strange Animal. Congrats Paper Bag.

-Listening to Young Coyotes‘s Zach Tipton as I Am The Dot on Pasta Primavera.

-and finally, loving the site Southern Souls. For fans of La Blogotheque and Black Cab Sessions, here’s another site dedicated to getting impromptu acoustic sessions from indie bands in interesting settings. Newest session is from The Wilderness of Manitoba, Bluebirds is below.

THE WILDERNESS OF MANITOBA – “Bluebirds” from Mitch Fillion on Vimeo.