Where Do You Watch Your Music Videos?

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Where do you watch your music videos?

I come across a fair bit of music in my daily searches and a lot of the time there are videos that I want to recommend, but I can’t manage to fit it into its own post on the blog.  I just can’t post everything, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share it somewhere.  With all the interactions I have from my main site to facebook, tumblr, twitter, pinterest, its really helpful as a blogger to have one place where I can keep all my favourite videos.

I save videos on youtube and vimeo channels, but those two sites don’t really work with each other.  I used to use Vodpod, which was awesome until they were bought by Lockerz.  After using the latter for a while, I dropped it in search of a video sharing platform that worked for me.

A while back I found Dropmark, an online collaboration tool that seems to work great for collecting video across multiple platforms.  I still use it today, collecting videos here and making custom video playlists (Best Videos Of 2012 and 2011).  You can reach this page from my homepage, the TV icon on the left side of the page.

Take the day off and go watch some music videos.