WTF ??

The blogger equivalent to checking yourself out in the mirror is checking a blog’s webstats. It gives me statistics on how many people end up here at Indie Music Filter.

I’ve become a little crazy with it.

And I’ve also added a button that tells me where you are coming from (or at least where your ip server is). Check out that Geo Visitors button on the top right.

Normally, or until now, I’ll see 10-12 little red coloured balloons floating around Toronto, a couple in the west of Canada (Vancouver) and some in Los Angeles.

Today I clicked on it and found this (see pic below).

Holy crap! Where did you all come from?

What I want to know is who lives at the end of the red arrow? What is that place called? If that was you, e-mail me back (with an address), I’ll send you a CD.