Anywhere Else by Rikers

Who: Rikers.

What: Since we last checked in with this Peterborough group, they were in the midst of recording their 5 song EP, which has now been completed. Adding to the 2 of the tracks mixed by Kevin McMahon (Walkmen, French Kicks), three others had the touch of David Newton (Mighty lemon drops, Little Ones). And if I wasn’t on vacation last week, I would have hyped the Toronto show on the 17th. But, there’s more shows on the horizon. And did I mention the EP is free? Check their homepage for that.

Song: Anywhere Else.

Sidenote. I’m back from vacation, one which I really needed. Now, I’m currently organizing press releases, catching up on blogs and dusting off the posts here at Indie Music Filter. Many great sounds to take you through summer. Stay tuned.