Currently Listening To: WILDES

I’ve gotta thank soundcloud’s recommendation engine today for tipping me towards this song “Bare” by London artist WILDES.  I believe I had Hayden Calnin’s “Cut Love” playing, when this song came out of the ambience and took my attention. So often am I between one browser tab and another, going in and out of focus on the song that sits in the background while working on the laptop. I love those beautiful moments when that next song (whether 2 or 3 songs deep in the queue) so eloquently introduces itself and has my rushing to find that tab it is playing in.

WILDES is the musical project of London’s Ella Walker and “Bare” is her first single.  A quick check out The Hype Machine has shown that I’m way late to the game, 26 of my contemporaries have already gushed about “Bare”, comparing her sound to the likes of Daughter, London Grammar, Laura Marling.  A quick search of my inbox shows no sign of a note from the artist, meaning at least I didn’t miss it. If you are reading this Ella, please make sure I get your next single as soon as its up. #newfan

Take a listen to “Bare”.

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